Laguna humantay


Laguna Humantay lake is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Salkantay trek. It is located at the base of LAGUNA Humantay and Mountain. It is one of the mountains that you see in the Salkantay trail. Lago Humantay was recently included in the itinerary of Salkantay trek because is not located next to the path. You have to get to the first camp of the Salkantay trail which is Soraypampa from there you take a trail with direction to Humantay mountain to enjoy the beauty of the lake. The lake is at 4200 mt / 13799 ft. Formed by the glacier water melt from Humantay mountain, the color of the lake is extraordinary because of the minerals that the lake has, it has a turquoise color especially with the brightness of the sun. We as operators of the Salkantay trek give you the opportunity to enjoy this beauty, you can do it in a day, or if you want to spend a night in our exclusive camp, you can do it in two days and one night and enjoying all the comforts that we offer you. Looking to see spectacular landscapes and you have only one day, LAGUNA Humantay is one of the great options that you have. Humanity is a snow-capped mountain 5835 m / 19143 ft is located right at the button of the hills there is a beautiful glacier lake call Humantay, and you need only one day to explore the área and enjoy the spectacular views of the Salkantay mountain range and Humantay mountain. On this trek to Hmantay lake, you get an early start at your hotel in Cusco. We pick you up at 4:30 am to transfer you to Mollepata town where you have the chance to enjoy a delicious andean breakfast and also you have time to get round in Mollepata. After an hour aprox in Mollepata. you continue in the same car to the trailhead. 45 minutes more to Challacancha the trailhead.