mountain sky huts

Our Mountain Sky Huts were constructed to harmonize with the environment, allowing you to feel connected to the nature around you without disrupting the ecosystem. At Machu Picchu Reservations, we are very respectful of the Pachamama (mother earth), which is why all the material we used to build our huts and cabins are locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials, such as the straw used for the roof of our cabins. We also construct our buildings so that once they are removed, the earth below it will remain virtually unaffected.

SLEEP BETTER: On multi-day hikes, sleep matters! That is why our goal for our new Mountain Sky Huts in our private Quiswarniyoc camp was to provide our clients with a peaceful rest that is much more comfortable than a traditional tent.

ENJOY BETTER: While you are traveling with us, we will ensure that you enjoy your Machu Picchu adventures to the fullest. We will provide you with all the comfort and tranquility you’ll need so that your vacation in the mountains will exceed your expectations.

EAT BETTER: All the food we offer you is freshly prepared by experienced, trained chefs and presented to you buffet-style in our dining room. The portions are generous with a varied menu so that you can fuel up on a variety of our favorite Peruvian cuisines. Our chefs can also accommodate any special dietary restrictions you may have, such as vegan or vegetarian, without any additional charges.

Take a break from reality and enjoy Peru with one of the best and highest-rated tour companies in Cusco, Machu Picchu Reservations.