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Rainbow Mountain – Vinincunca

Rainbow Mountain is a single mountain at 5000 m has different denominations such as a mountain of colors, mountain of 7 colors, rainbow mountain. The real name of the place is Vinicunca the region where is located the picturesque mountain. It is an authentic and exciting experience. We have the best option to see the Rainbow Mountain in a two-day trip. You will be the first person to reach the Rainbow mountains because we plan to get you there around 9 am in the morning which is the time that people who do the one option start the hike in Desayuno. Besides you not only know the Rainbow mountains also you will have the opportunity to enjoy the snowy mountains and colorful lagoons that will make your experience is pleasant, and of course, you enjoy a comfortable and friendly service. The new beauty of Cusco Rainbow mountain or montaña de colores – Vinincunca become very popular on the last two years, and the attraction gets more than 800 visitors per day in the hight Season. It is unbelievable the number of people that takes this tour, do not leave Cusco without visiting the rainbow mountain. This tour starts in Cusco at 4 in the morning we pass to your hotel to pick you up then driving you 2 hours to Pitumarca for breakfast then one more hour to the trailhead, and you start the hike up to the rainbow mountain for 2.5 hours all uphill walk. If you like you have the chance to rent a riding horse after you make to the rainbow mountain, you have time to explore the area, and also you can go to the red valley. Then you get back to the trailhead to take the car back to Pitumarca for lunch and then back to Cusco to get back around 6:30 pm