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Machu Picchu Reservations is a professional tour company that offers the best, most affordable tours of Machu Picchu and Cusco. This includes the Salkantay Trek, Inca Trail, Rainbow Mountain, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Choquequirao Trek, Laguna Humantay, and much more.

We are a responsible and experienced tourist company with a fun, knowledgeable, and professional team that will make your Cusco journey unforgettable.


At Machu Picchu Reservations we are all Local Tour operators and passionate about our culture, we also have an open heart to everyone who wants to know the legacy of our culture and love sharing unforgettable experiences.

We are people who know our land very well and know very well how the tourism business works in our region that is why you will have real-time information of all the activities that are done in our region, you will visit all our attractions with local trilingual guides, our guides who take you on the tours are professional, they speak Spanish, English and Quechua very well who guarantee a clear and coherent explanation.

Our principal office is located in the city center of Cusco where you can get more information about all the interesting things that you can do while you visit our city also you can check your scheduled tours with us.


You get in touch with Machu Picchu Reservations and you will be immediately assisted by a professional who knows everything well of what we offer. The information, reservation, preparation and execution of the tour will always be directed by a Machu Picchu Reservations staff. We know very well the areas where our tours take place and we guarantee the proper handling of all protocols for a safe trip.


In our country there is the control and supervision of tourist activity by public and private entities that supervise and grant the corresponding authorizations to any company that meets all the requirements to be tour operators.

Machu Picchu Reservations has all the authorizations to carry out tourist operations in the city of Cusco, we have the following licenses.

  • Operating license granted by the Provincial Municipality of Cusco
  • Proof of operation granted by the Ministry of foreign trade and tourism – MINCETUR
  • Authorization to carry out tourist operations on the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, Choquequirao Trek, Machu Picchu granted by the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State – SERNANP.
  • We have the permission of the Ministry of Culture Cusco to operate in all the attractions that they administer such as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, etc. – DDCC
  • All our guides are certified and authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Cusco and authorized by their respective organizations – DIRCETUR, AGOTUR, COLITOUR.


We are proud to show our certification that the entire Machu Picchu Reservations team achieved with effort, we are committed to caring for the environment and providing quality service to all our clients.

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We are part of the project of ONE MILLION OF TREES FOR MACHU PICCHU and our company has already planted more than 20,000 native trees throughout the Salkantay route.



The Ministry of Tourism certified our company as a direct tour operator, that way our clients will travel safely with a trusted company

licencia de funcionamiento


Our operating license as a local operating agency issued by the municipality of the city of Cusco, which guarantees that we are local operators.


Our travel designers create highly-personalized itineraries with your interests and style of travel in mind. Our network of carefully chosen partners allows us to offer exclusive access to many activities, ensuring a meaningful and safe travel experience, while our first-hand knowledge results in a wonderful journey made just for you.


While the more popular destinations can be fun, we know that you are looking for something deeper. We immerse our travelers in local and culturally authentic experiences that are truly transformative and unforgettable, such as learning weaving techniques in a local community or sharing a home-cooked meal.


As a local company, integrity means more than just recycling or hosting a chocolatada for Christmas. We strive to be truly socially and environmentally responsible, meaning that we are proactively carbon neutral, and we contribute to local economies, preserving local culture and heritage. With us, you can be sure of traveling with integrity.

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