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Inca trail 2 Days
2-Day Inca Trail
Short Inca Trail 2 Days
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Short Inca Trail 2 Days

Short Inca Trail to Machupicchu – 2 Days / 1 Night


Overview 2-Day Inca Trail

Inca trail 2 Days is one of the most beutiful treks to Machu Picchu for those tight on time but still want to the energy of Qhapac Ñan (Inca Trail) and glimpse Machu Picchu from the heights of the sun gate, you can partake in the 2-day Inca Trail Trek.

You’ll hike along 12 kilometers of this alternative Inca trail where you will discover archaeological remains, dense forests, waterfalls, and native flora and fauna all without the usual crowds along the 4-day trek. The 2-Day Short Inca Trail is a generally peaceful trek for those who like tranquility and nature.

We’ll start the trek in the ruins of Cochabamba, hiking uphill for 3 hours to the ruins of Wiñay Wayna and another two hours to Machu Picchu. After taking in our first views of Machu Picchu, we descend to the remote town of Aguas Calientes where we will rest and recharge before our guided visit to Machu Picchu on Day 2. If you are tight on time and are in good physical condition to do so, you may also choose to complete this entire trek in a single day, completing your trek and exploring Machu Picchu in the same day.

Also if you like you can climb HUAYNA PICCHU or MONTAÑA MACHU PICCHU that you have to book in advance and check the availability.



Highlights 2-Day Short Inca Trail
  • Visit Machu Picchu twice, in the afternoon of the first day and in the morning of the second day
  • Hike along original Inca trail to Wiñaywayna
  • Enjoy the beautiful views of the Vilcanota Valleys
  • Enter Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate
  • Be one of the firsts to enter Machu Picchu
  • Spend an entire day in Machu Picchu
  • Enjoy the guiding tour lead by a expert
from $ 360.00
2 Days
Get a discount in one of our day tours after booking Inca trail 2 days
Trip Style:
Dificulty Level:
Group Size:
8 People
Total Hiking Distance:
12 km
1 B, 1 D, 1 L
Daily Departures
Trip Starts in:
Places to Visit:
Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Wiñayhuayna, Inca trail, Machu Picchu


We start the day by picking you up from your hotel between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. to transfer you to the train station of Ollantaytambo for 1.5 hours, from where you will boar the train around 6:00 am. towards km 104 of the railway line where the Inca trail 2 days stars where you will also meet your tour guide and pass a control point of the Inca Trail.

We’ll begin with a 3-hour uphill hike towards to archaeological complex of Wiñaywayna, where you will have time to explore and listen to a guided explanation of the ruins.

Afterward, you will eat lunch and walk for another 2 hours to the Intipunku Sun Gate, from where you will have a spectacular view of Machu Picchu after we will continue walking for about 45 minutes toward Machu Picchu and spend time taking pictures and enjoying the magic of the ancient city.

Afterwards you will take a bus for 30 minutes to the nearby town of Aguas Calientes where you will spend a night in the hotel also enjoy a delicius dinner in one of the restautants of the town

On day 2, we will get an early start to Machu Picchu. You need to wake up around 4:00 am to get ready, grab your packed breakfast and begin the 30-minute walk to the Puente Ruinas checkpoint, where you will have to show your passport and Machu Picchu tickets.

After the first checkpoint, we will climb stairs for about one hour until we arrive at the Machu Picchu main gate, where we will again show our passports and tickets before entering the site. Once everyone is at the gate, we begin the 2.5-hour guided tour of Machu Picchu, learning everything about The Lost City of the Incas. After the guided tour, you will have free time to explore the Inca city of Machu Picchu on your own before walking back to Aguas Calientes for your 14:55 train departure back to Ollantaytambo. In Ollantaytambo, you will transfer to a shuttle and finish the route to Cusco, arriving at the main square around 6:00 pm.



Inclusions Inca trail 2 Days
  • Pick up from your hotel in Cusco
  • Transfer from Cusco to the train station of Ollantaytambo
  • A professional tour guide prepared in first aid and experienced in the route and history
  • Second guide for groups of more than 9 people
  • Train ticket from Ollantaytambo to kilometer 104 which is the trailhead
  • Intrance ticket for the Inca trail 2 days
  • Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu for the first and second day
  • 1 night in hotel in Aguas Calientes
  • Bus tickets from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes on day 1
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle for emergencies
  • 01 breakfast, 01 lunch, 01 dinner
  • Return train from Machu Picchu town to Ollantaytambo
  • Transfer from Ollantaytambo Station to your hotel in Cusco

Not Included

  • Breakfasts of the first day
  • Lunch of the second day
  • Extra expenses
  • Tips


Prices: Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2D – 1N Group service – VERSION 2022

  • Student: 360 USA Dollars
  • Adult: 390 USA Dollars


  • HUAYNAPICCHU MOUNTAINUS 65 Dollars (check availability)
  • MACHU PICCHU MONTAÑAUS 65 Dollars (check availability)
  • TREKKING POLES US 10 dollars, one pair for the whole trek
  • UPGRADE to Vistadome – Panoramic train. US 35 Dollars (If you decided to return by train you can upgrade to VISTA DOME TRAIN)


To have a student discount you have to comply with the following rules of the Peruvian government since we get the discount at the time of buying the Machu Picchu tickets from the Peruvian government. The Peruvian Government has 02 rates for foreigners that are ADULT / STUDENT.


  • The student card must be an original student ID given from the university in PVC material. It must have been printed on the card
  • University Information
  • Student name
  • It must be a valid expiration date /  valid only for one year if you visit Machu Picchu in 2022 the expiration date must be 2022 or 2023 If is more that this is not Valid
  • Discount for students, not more than 25 years old
  • ISIC cards are not valid for the discount 

If you meet these requirements, send us a photo of your student ID to this email at the time that you are booking the tour to buy tour Machu Picchu tickets as a student: machupí

If you do not meet the requirements, it is better to buy the tour as an adult because if you buy your Machu Picchu tickets with the student rate without meeting the requirements, they will not let you enter the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu for not meeting the requirements. that the Peruvian government requires since Machu Picchu is administered by the Peruvian government.


Packing list Short Inca Trail:

  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • A coat
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking Shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Personal medicines suggested by your doctor

Important documents to carry with you:

  • Original Passports
  • Your student ID — this is important, you will need to prove your student status at the Machu Picchu checkpoint!


The hotel night that we provide in Aguas Calientes is an accommodation that provides:

  • Private room
  • private bathroom
  • hot shower
  • internet wifi
  • breakfast
Type Persons Price per person Total US $
Adults 1 $ $ 8911.00
Deposit (%) $ 0.00
PayPal Commission (6%) $ 0.00
Deposit Amount $ 0.00
HUAYNA PICCHU MONTAÑA (+65) x 0 $ 0.00
MACHU PICCHU MONTAÑA (+65) x 0 $ 0.00
TREKKING STICKS 01 PAIR (+15) x 0 $ 0.00
STUDENT DISCOUNT (-20) x 0 $ 0.00
Balance $ 0.00

TOUR: Short Inca Trail to Machupicchu – 2 Days / 1 Night

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