Machu Picchu Permits

Machu Picchu Permits

Many people want to visit Machu Picchu; but it is very important to obtain permits in advance; find complete information here

Machu Picchu Permits: To visit Machu Picchu, the government has strictly limited the number of people allowed on the Short Inca Trail, Classic Inca Trail, and Machu Picchu. Permits for the Inca Trail are issued to about 200 hikers per day plus 300 porters and for Machu Picchu to 2,000 per day. We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible

As of July 15, 2011, the Peruvian government began enforcing new rules for those who want to climb Huaynapicchu (the large Sugarloaf Mountain behind Machu Picchu). Many of your guides and online resources probably do not contain these latest updates, so read the latest regulations here before embarking on your Peru adventure.

These permits can only be acquired through the government website or at the Cusco Regional Directorate office (which can be done by notifying your tourism provider in advance). Machu Picchu and the optional sites are open all year round, including Sundays and holidays.

Tickets are sold seasonally and the season runs from January 1 to December 31. The initial purchase date for the next season depends on the Peruvian Government. Normally, the date to start buying is around December 20. If you want, you can subscribe to be informed once next season’s sales begin.

Availability is for Machu Picchu itself and not for our Agency. Any Agency you choose will have the same availability. Therefore, there is no point in contacting another Agency if the date you want is not available.

A large number of available places does not at all mean that “there is still time”. Some agencies group their applications and it is not uncommon to see 30 places disappear in just 5 minutes.

Some spaces may be freed up. The counter is then incremented. The pre-reservation and payment system implemented by the Government means that, although it is not usual, pre-reserved and unpaid places are once again available.

Availability is controlled by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. Only they are capable of managing and authorizing access to Machu Picchu and the optional sites.


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