Other Sites to Visit in Cusco

Other Sites to Visit in Cusco

Q’enqo: Mystical Temple of Rituals

Q’enqo, a temple constructed by the Incas, holds immense religious significance. It is believed to have been a sacred site for rituals and mummifications. Intriguingly, there are carved canals designed for the flow of liquids such as water, corn beer, or blood. The direction in which the liquid flowed was thought to determine whether an individual had led a virtuous life or not.

Tambomachay: Enigmatic Water Source and Watchtower

Tambomachay is an archaeological site that still puzzles researchers regarding its exact purpose. The terraced rocks found here served as a water source, featuring aqueducts, canals, and waterfalls throughout. However, there is also a watchtower present, suggesting that it may have served as an outpost or lookout point.

Interestingly, Tambomachay is also known as ‘El Baño del Inca’ or the ‘Bath of the Inca.’ This has led to the theory that it might have been used as an Incan spa, possibly reserved for the ruler or nobility.

Puka Pukara: The Enchanting Red Fortress

Puka Pukara consists of extensive ruins assumed to be a fortress or military complex. Perched on a hillside overlooking the valley, these Cusco ruins boast large walls and terraces. While I didn’t hear much about this part of the tour, my attention was immediately captured by a breathtaking rainbow that appeared in the valley upon our arrival.

Without hesitation, I seized the opportunity to capture the stunning moment. It was a photographer’s dream—a rainbow gracing the Incan ruins! As I marveled at the scene, a couple passing by with their umbrellas stopped momentarily to admire the view. It was a perfect and serendipitous moment that I couldn’t have planned even if I had tried.

Later on, I discovered that Puka Pukara translates to the ‘red fortress.’ The name derives from the rocks used in its construction, which were believed to be red in color, unlike the gray hue they possess today. These remain some of my most cherished photos, forever capturing the magic of that fleeting moment.


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