What to Bring for the Inca Trail

What to Bring for the Inca Trail

For lovers of nature and adventure, especially those who take many trips to Machu Picchu along the Camino Inca, and here you will transport yourself to a new world where the noise of the city changes over the bell cantar of the paths There are more beautiful landscapes than you can imagine.

Sin embargo, this trekking activity is not safe, especially for those who are not allowed to exercise or exercise with normality. This is how the route of the Inca Camino passes through some 4000 msnm zones so you need to take some precautions that continue to be described by CuscoPeru.com.

Collect that you travel longer on the road, less objects need to be transported, so that the weight of your back-pack is not lost when transported

How to dress for the Inca Camino

No matter how many days you travel, the fact is that you change altitude to another level and this means that the temperature (climate) changes ; For this most convenient item it will be comfortable and in small quantities. For example:

Buzos, a lo mejor un par.

Trekking shoes, necessary for no walking or walking during the trek.

Take waterproof shoes, during the journey you can wear them and, although this is very common, your journey will be inconvenient and may occasionally cause you to be unable to breathe.

Gorros de la ancha, en estos tiempos no es novedad que el sol, así no sea fuerte, quema. This hat comes with a good solar blocker. Your skin and health are priorities.

Towels and bathrobes, during the journey there are camping accommodations in which you have a shower. You may also encounter some rivers, which may be reloaded for a short time, if the guide permits.

You have to decide that interior clothing is necessary for every day.

A little manta for the nights, because it’s really a friday.


As the days during the Inca Camino pass at 4000 msnm and if you come from a country that happens to be at the sea level, please note the following precautions

The first few days of acclimatization, you can adapt to the altitude. Aquí Tips for Altura Disease

You should eat light foods and avoid heavy foods

The first days in Cusco, they must be peaceful and without physical problems. Sigue tu ritmo.

If your baby is bottled with water, it will keep it hydrated. If you do not want to buy bottled water, you can buy tablets to purify the water.

If you don’t have enough oxygen, a rat can go down

If you have any extra money, you should advise the guide (you need to be careful if you need it)

Cuando puedas, baby an infusion of coca drinks.

How to prepare your equipment for the Inca Camino

Most recommended is to bring a Back-Pack if you don’t miss it during the trip. Inside she must have some things to do, in fact, they are more necessary. Aquire las recomendaciones:

  • Blocks and repels insects.
  • Artículos de aseo personal.
  • Frutas frescas, caramelos, chocolates (its good to accumulate energy).
  • Dinero (moneda local-soles)
  • Road fight.
  • Internal and battery.
  • Ground nits, lip protector
  • A photo camera.

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