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Exchange rate in Peru


What currency to take to Peru?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among any of the travelers who plan to go on vacation to the country of the Incas. The national currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol; However, dollars are also accepted, this is due to the current and extensive diffusion of the dollar in much of the world.

This acceptance has made the dollar widely accepted in the country, since it is possible to make purchases in the vast majority of establishments, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. Especially if they are from the tourist field.

However, you must also have national money on hand at all times, not all establishments in Peru work with dollars, this only applies to large cities, so if you travel to a distant place you should have the national currency to avoid any problem.

Exchange rate in Peru

The exchange rate in the country is variable and depends on the exchange rate made for the day by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) and also on the exchange amount offered by the country’s exchange houses.

  • American Dollars: As we said, the most widespread foreign currency is dollars, so it is much easier to make purchases paying with this currency or with soles, the exchange rate from dollars to soles usually ranges between 1 USD=3.70 or 3.80 PEN
    • Reales: There are quite a few places that exchange reales for soles; However, it is not possible to make purchases in establishments throughout the country, 1 BRL = 0.70 PEN
    • Sterling Pounds: It is only possible to exchange these currencies in the city of Lima, and neither can payments or purchases be made in this currency. 1 GBP = 4.60 PEN
    • Euros : This is another of the most widespread currencies in the country, unlike other currencies, it is possible to buy in some establishments with this currency. 1 EUR = 4.7 PEN

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