DAY 01:

From the Heights of Cusco to the Heart of the Rainforest Lodge

We initiate our journey from Cusco, traveling by a private bus. Our first stop is at the fascinating pre-Inca burial towers of Ninamarca, a glimpse into the ancient past. As we traverse through the majestic mountains, we reach the culturally rich town of Paucartambo. Here, we immerse ourselves in the local folkloric customs during a brief exploration of the town.

Our adventure proceeds towards Tres Cruces, the gateway to the Cultural Zone of Manu and the ethereal Cloud Forest. From this point, we make our way to San Pedro. This portion of the journey involves an invigorating one-hour walk, during which we witness the intriguing courtship dance, known as the lek display, of the Cock of the Rock (Rupicola peruviana). This vibrant creature isn’t just any bird, but the esteemed national bird of Peru. This portion of the trek also offers sightings of playful monkeys and an array of stunning orchids.

As the day comes to a close, we reach our destination, the Rainforest Lodge. This private lodge, nestled in the heart of the forest, is where we will retreat for the night, surrounded by the tranquil sounds and sights of nature.

Following a nourishing breakfast, we continue our adventure on a private bus to Atalaya. Along this captivating route, we pause to investigate a thriving coca plantation and to soak in an expansive view of the lush jungle and the serpentine river from a well-positioned viewpoint.

Our expedition carries on from Atalaya, this time on a motorized boat, journeying towards the enticing Aguas Calientes. Here, you will have the chance to bask in the soothing embrace of the natural hot springs. During the boat trip, keep an eye out for the myriad of animal species that inhabit this region, especially the diverse array of birds. The picturesque landscape unfurling around you is a sight to behold.

By the afternoon, we reach the R.E. Bonanza, where we take a brief respite to recharge. As the evening descends, we venture out for a thrilling nocturnal walk in the jungle. Guided by the shimmering moonlight, we explore the nocturnal life of the jungle, spotting spiders, insects, and possibly snakes.

Our day culminates with a return to the Bonanza Lodge for a hearty dinner. We spend the night in our stunning, comfort-filled lodge, lulled to sleep by the symphony of the jungle.

We rise early and depart from the lodge, continuing our journey as we follow the currents of the Alto Madre de Dios River. Today, our destination lies within the pristine Reserve Zone on the Manu River. The first checkpoint on our itinerary is the national park control point, known as Puesto de Vigilancia Limonal.

As we navigate halfway to our final stop, Casa Matchiguenka Lodge, we disembark for a brief hike within the verdant Reserve Zone. The boat trip itself is a spectacle, with opportunities to observe an eclectic array of fauna such as capybaras, peccaries, monkeys, a myriad of birds, and caimans. If luck is in our favor, there’s even a chance of spotting the elusive jaguar in its natural habitat.

As the afternoon transitions into evening, we arrive at the Casa Matchiguenka Lodge. Here, in the heart of the reserve, we will rest for the night. For those craving more adventure, an optional night walk in the vicinity offers additional exploration opportunities.

Casa Matchiguenka Lodge stands as a testament to indigenous craftsmanship and heritage, proudly owned and operated by two native communities of the Matchiguenka tribe. This charming abode exudes a rustic charm, housing 12 double rooms, each meticulously equipped with mosquito nets to ensure your comfort.

The lodge is not just a place to rest, but also a hub of exploration. It is encircled by private trails, each trail brimming with the secrets of the rainforest. The Matchiguenka people, with their deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the forest, lead guided walks, offering guests a profound connection with the surrounding nature.

Moreover, the lodge is home to an interpretation house, a testament to the tribe’s rich culture and creativity. Here, the Matchiguenka people showcase their craftwork, intricate pieces borne from tradition and skill. These handmade artifacts, available for purchase, serve as meaningful souvenirs of your visit, carrying the spirit of the Matchiguenka community and the whispers of the rainforest back home with you.

Our day begins with a journey to Cocha Salvador. Here, aboard a catamaran, we find ourselves in an immersive wildlife viewing experience. From gamine herons and agile spider monkeys to the rare sight of the nearly extinct giant otters fishing, every moment is a celebration of nature’s bounty.

Post lunch, we embark on an excursion through the uncharted realms of the virgin jungle towards Cocha Otorongo Lake. The lake is home to a 20-meter high observation tower, offering a panoramic view of the vibrant ecosystem below. This viewpoint provides yet another opportunity to spot the giant otters and the imposing black caimans.

For the remainder of the day, we delve deeper into the jungle, on a quest for a diverse range of monkey species. Our knowledgeable guide will elucidate the intricacies of jungle life, sharing insights about the lush flora and fauna, medicinal plants, and jungle food. We may also cross paths with a group of peccaries, a true jungle encounter.

As dusk descends, we retreat from the heart of the jungle to soak in the captivating beauty of the sunset. With memories of a day filled with rich natural experiences, we return to the comfort of Casa Matchiguenka Lodge to spend the night, lulled by the serene sounds of the forest.

We rise with the dawn at Casa Matchiguenka Lodge, setting off early to enhance our chances of spotting a jaguar as we exit the Reserve Zone. The journey presents ample opportunities to witness other fascinating inhabitants of the jungle as well, such as tapirs, turtles, and caimans.

Our journey is punctuated by a brief stopover in Boca Manu, providing a moment of respite before we resume our venture upstream along the Alto Madre de Dios River. Our destination is the serene Bonanza Ecological Reserve, where we will spend the night enveloped by nature.

As evening approaches, you can choose to unwind at the reserve, or for a more immersive experience, opt to spend the night in the camouflaged house. This unique accommodation provides a window into the nocturnal activities of the jungle, including the chance to observe tapirs consuming mineral soil at the mammals’ clay lick, a truly unique spectacle.

Embracing the early morning calm, we depart from the Bonanza Ecological Reserve, boarding our boat to journey back to Atalaya. Here, our private bus awaits, ready to navigate the picturesque route back to Cusco.

Our journey retraces the scenic paths through the enchanting cloud forest and the culturally-rich town of Paucartambo. These landscapes provide a serene backdrop for reflection as we traverse back towards civilization.

As we approach Cusco in the late afternoon, we are reminded of the adventure we embarked on and the diverse wonders we encountered along the way. The journey, while drawing to a close, leaves us with lasting memories of an immersive expedition into Peru’s vibrant heartland.



Embark on a Comprehensive Journey: What Your Tour Includes”

Your exploration of the Peruvian heartland is facilitated by our well-curated offerings, ensuring your comfort, safety, and enjoyment throughout the journey. Included in your tour are:

  • Private Transportation: Both bus and boat transport are provided, ensuring seamless navigation through our itinerary.
  • Comprehensive Camping Gear: We equip you with all necessary camping equipment, including chairs, mosquito nets, tables, mattresses, rubber boots, and rain ponchos.
  • Personal Duffle Bag: For your convenience, we provide a duffle bag for storing your personal belongings during the tour.
  • Professional Bilingual Local Guide: Our well-equipped guides are fluent in English and Spanish, providing insightful commentary and ensuring a safe and engaging experience.
  • Mineral Water: Stay hydrated with the provision of mineral water throughout the tour.
  • Comprehensive First Aid: Including antivenom for snake bites, ensuring your safety is paramount.
  • Three Meals Daily: Enjoy a range of meal options including vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian, prepared by a professional cook. Mid-morning snacks featuring biscuits, candy, fresh fruit, and juice are also provided.
  • Access to Premier Locations: Your tour encompasses entrance to key destinations such as the Cock of the Rock (Lek), Rainforest Lodge, hot springs, Observation Tower, Casa Matsiguenka Lodge, Camouflage House (Mammals Clay Lick), and Bonanza Ecological Reserve Lodge.
  • Entry to Manu National Park: Discover the incredible biodiversity in this renowned park with the included entrance fee.

Our offerings extend beyond these highlights to ensure your journey through Peru is an unforgettable one. Embark on this adventure with us and immerse yourself in the vibrant natural and cultural landscapes of this extraordinary region.

What to Pack

Essentials for Your Journey: Packing List

To ensure your comfort and readiness for this adventurous expedition, please ensure to pack the following:

  • Lightweight Sleeping Bag or Blanket: For cool nights in the jungle or at high altitudes.
  • Insect Repellent: Ensure it contains a minimum of 25% DEET for effective protection.
  • Camera: Remember to pack spare batteries for capturing every memorable moment.
  • Powerful Flashlight: Ideal for night walks. Don’t forget extra batteries.
  • Photography Equipment: Consider packing macro lenses (10 – 65mm), long-distance lenses (150mm – 400mm or 600mm), and lens extensions (1.4x or 2x) for capturing the diverse wildlife.
  • Protective Cases: Waterproof cases and bags are essential to protect your electronics and valuables.
  • Sun Protection: Bring along sun lotion to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Pocket Money: Necessary for any personal expenses.
  • Day Pack: For carrying essentials during daily excursions.
  • Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is key during the journey.
  • Battery Charger: To keep your electronic devices powered.
  • Footwear: Pack sandals (preferably with straps) and trekking shoes for different terrains.
  • Extra Toilet Paper: Always handy in outdoor settings.
  • Clothing: Pack a mix of dark and camouflage clothing, including long sleeve shirts and t-shirts, long pants, lightweight shorts, waterproof jackets, and sun hats. Also include bathing suits and a small towel. Consider bringing thick, long socks for trekking.
  • Personal Hygiene Items: Don’t forget your toiletries.
  • Tips for Staff: If you wish to show your appreciation for the services provided.

Please note that the final dinner is not included in the tour package. This packing list should cover most of your needs, but consider your personal requirements to ensure a comfortable journey.


  • Student: $1070 USD
  • Adult: $1090 USD




The student price is available for all students around the world, provided that they meet the requirements set by the Peruvian government. This discount is applicable when purchasing Machu Picchu tickets from the Peruvian government.

Your student ID must be an original ID issued by your university, made of PVC material.
The student ID must have the following information printed on it.
  • University information.
  • Student name.
  • Student picture.
  1. The student ID must have a valid expiration date printed on it, which is only valid for one year. For instance, if you visit Machu Picchu in 2023, the expiration date on your ID must be 2023 or 2024. If you visit Machu Picchu in 2023, the maximum expiration date allowed is 2024.
  2. The student discount is available only for students who are not more than 25 years old.
  3. The International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is not valid for the discount, even if it meets the requirements mentioned above.
  4. The only valid document for the student price is the original student ID that meets the requirements set by the Peruvian government. No other documents such as certifications or virtual cards are accepted as proof of student status.
  5. To apply for the student price, send us a photo of both sides of your student ID to when you book the tour. If you send it later, you will not be eligible for the student discount.

How to Book with Machu Picchu Reservation


  1. Choose a reputable, government-authorized tour operator.
  2. Click the “Book Online” button, select the date, and complete the booking form. Have one person fill it out for the entire group to ensure you’re booked together. Keep your passport handy for accurate information.
  3. Make a payment online using any debit or credit card. There’s a 2.9% fee for online payments, which customers must cover.
  4. To secure your MANU PARK RESERVE ZONE 6 DAYS, provide a $180 deposit per person. This helps obtain necessary permits and tickets from the Peruvian government.
  5. Optionally, you can pay the full tour amount upfront to avoid any future payment concerns.
  6. If you choose to pay only the deposit, the remaining balance is due 24 hours before the tour begins. You can pay in cash (soles or dollars) at the office in Cusco or by card (3.9% fee). You can also pay the balance online with any card (2.9% fee).

By following these straightforward steps, you can easily book your MANU PARK RESERVE ZONE 6 DAYS experience and focus on preparing for your adventure.

Payment: You can pay for MANU PARK RESERVE ZONE 6 DAYS online using any debit or credit card. A 2.9% fee applies to online payments, which customers must cover. To book MANU PARK RESERVE ZONE 6 DAYS, a $180 deposit per person is required to secure permits and tickets from the Peruvian government. You can choose to pay the full tour amount upfront to avoid future payment concerns. If you pay only the deposit, the remaining balance is due 24 hours before the tour starts. Pay the balance in cash (soles or dollars) at our office in Cusco, or by card with a 3.9% fee. You can also pay online using any card with a 2.9% fee.

Passport Requirements: Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned entry date to Peru. If it’s set to expire within 6 months, renew it before traveling. If your passport expires within 6 months but you want to secure MANU PARK RESERVE ZONE 6 DAYS and all the tickets, book the tour and update your passport details with us after renewal. Failure to do so may result in permit and ticket forfeiture.

Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment. Obtain insurance before departing and consider working with a reputable agency for affordable coverage.

Deposit: The $180 deposit per person for the MANU PARK RESERVE ZONE 6 DAYS tour is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Remaining Balance: If you only pay the deposit, the balance is due 24 hours before the tour starts. Pay in cash (soles or dollars) at our office in Cusco or by card with a 3.9% fee. You can also pay online with any card and a 2.9% fee.

Student Discount: If your student card meets Peruvian government requirements, reserve the tour with a deposit and pay the remaining balance upon arrival in Cusco. The student discount will be applied at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions RESERVE ZONE MANU PARK TOUR 6D – 5N

  • National Park vs. Biosphere Reserve:

The National Park is a protected area managed by the Peruvian government, aimed at preserving intact ecosystems for research, education, tourism, and recreation. The Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO category, represents an ecological area with functions of education, conservation, and sustainable development. The Manu Biosphere Reserve includes the Manu National Park, a buffer zone, and a transition zone.

  • Camping Sites and Lodges:

The tour sites in the Manu River sector offer comfortable camping sites and lodges built with local materials. These facilities provide amenities such as dining rooms, toilets, showers, and connecting trails. Mosquito nets are provided for beds to ensure a comfortable sleep. Specific lodge details may vary, so consult your tour operator for more information.

  • Drinking Water:

Your tour operator will provide safe drinking water. Some operators bring bottled water from nearby towns, while others filter, boil, or purify water from small creeks or the river. Your tour operator will provide specific details.

  • Physical Condition Requirements:

While there is no strict requirement, being able to walk several kilometers on trails will enhance your experience in Manu.

  • Mosquitoes:

Like any Amazon region, there are mosquitoes. Wearing repellent, long-sleeved shirts, and long trousers can help protect against bites.

  • Tropical Diseases:

Yellow fever, malaria, and leishmaniasis have been reported in southern Peru. However, no tourists visiting Manu have reported contracting these diseases. Follow your doctor’s instructions and take necessary precautions.

  • Manu Park Accessibility:

Manu Park is open year-round. The best time to visit is from April to November, during the dry season. The heavy rainy season from February to March can make road and air access difficult and flood forest trails.

  • Encountering Native People:

Native communities within the park are not accessible to tourists. While the chances of encountering nomadic people in isolation are low, if encountered, it is important to leave the area and avoid contact. Report any incidents to park staff immediately.

  • Biodegradable Products:

If possible, bring biodegradable shampoo and soap to help protect the environment.

  • Climate in the Amazon Region:

During May and June, temperatures can drop sharply due to cold fronts from southern South America (Friaje). Consider bringing warm clothing during this time.

  • Swimming in Lakes and Rivers:

Swimming in rivers and lakes is prohibited for safety reasons.

  • Walking on Paths:

For safety reasons, always follow your guide along marked paths.

  • Fishing Restrictions:

Fishing is strictly forbidden inside the park. Only local native communities are allowed to fish in authorized areas.

  • Climate and Weather:

Manu National Park experiences variable climate conditions with high rainfall and temperature variations based on altitude. Dry season (May to September) sees reduced rainfall and lower temperatures.

  • Malaria and Vaccinations:

Malaria risk in Manu is extremely low (less than 0.1%). Insect repellent and long sleeves are recommended over heavy malaria prophylaxis. Medications can be obtained locally if needed. Practice safe hygiene, drink bottled or boiled water, and take precautions with raw fruits and vegetables.

Stay hydrated, avoid street food stalls, and rest upon arrival in higher altitudes. Drinking “mate de coca” is recommended. In the jungle, avoid drinking tap water.

  • Please note that these guidelines aim to provide general information. Consult your tour operator and healthcare professional for personalized advice before your journey.

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