Choquequirao is one of the most important Inca ruins that we have in Cusco, this beautiful Inca architecture was built by the last Incas who used the area as a refuge. you can do this trek in 4 days or 3 days also. In this trekking tour to Choquequirao you will have all-inclusive tour basically you will hike with your small backpack. Choquequirao is another not so popular but much more interesting and bigger Machupicchu. In the present, only 40% of the place can be appreciated because the rest is still covered by vegetation and time. Choquequirao has considered the last Inca refuge according to history was where the last Incas took refuge before being subjected to the Spanish regime. The location of Choquequirao is astounding. It is above the canyon of the Apurimac river and to arrive at this place you have to make crossing through the mountains and cross the canyon of the Apurimac river by foot there is not another choice.  3-day Choquequirao trek gives you the chance to visit Choquequirao one entire day. You will have plenty of time to explore the Inca site at all since the morning of the second day until the end of the day. you will have the chance to have a delicious lunch next to the archaeological park. Choquequirao golden cradle that is the meaning of this place so remote and beautiful, you will walk through unforgettable landscapes and have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the canyon of Apurimac that is located at the foot of the archeological park of Choqueuirao. the total distance of the trek is 62 kilometers and along the way, there are local families that provide to visitors with facilities such as selling some snacks, toilets and other services.  Choquequirao is one more reason to visit Peru.