Huacachina: Thrilling Dune-Buggying and Sandboarding

Huacachina: Thrilling Dune-Buggying and Sandboarding

Nestled in the southwestern region of Peru, Huacachina is a small oasis surrounded by towering sand dunes that can reach several hundred feet in height. It’s located approximately 5km from the city of Ica, which serves as the entry point for most backpackers heading to Huacachina.

Known as the “oasis of America,” Huacachina is renowned as one of the world’s top destinations for sandboarding. Similar to snowboarding, sandboarding involves sliding down the slopes of sand dunes instead of snowy mountain faces. In Huacachina, you can start with an introduction on the smaller dunes before progressing to the larger, more thrilling runs. Don’t worry if you’re not experienced in boarding – you can enjoy the ride by sliding down the dunes with the board beneath your belly. However, it’s still a lot of fun to give standing a try, even if it takes some practice.

While sandboarding offers its fair share of excitement, the real adrenaline-pumping activity in Huacachina is dune-buggying. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure as you race across the sand dunes in a specialized 4×4 buggy. One moment, you’ll be gazing at the sky, and the next, you’ll be hurtling down the side of a dune at thrilling speeds. It’s an experience that will leave you breathless!

As the only oasis in South America, Huacachina offers unbeatable conditions for an unforgettable and adventurous journey through Peru.


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