Unveiling the Beauty of Rainbow Mountain

Unveiling the Beauty of Rainbow Mountain

Nestled high in the Andean Mountains, Rainbow Mountain stands as a breathtakingly colorful natural landmark.

Once shrouded in a thick layer of Andean snow, the mountain’s transformation began as rising temperatures, fueled by climate change, melted away the snowy blanket, unveiling a captivating wonder that had long remained concealed.

The vibrant display of hues adorning the mountain is a result of an array of minerals beneath its surface. Standing at over 5000 meters above sea level, Rainbow Mountain poses a challenging day trip. Ascending the steep trail to reach the viewpoint demands a rigorous hike, made even more demanding by the altitude and lack of oxygen at such heights.

Nevertheless, with a steady pace and determination, the hike is certainly achievable. The promise of reaching the mountaintop and being mesmerized by the vivid spectacle serves as ample motivation.

Independent Visit to Rainbow Mountain

Organizing an independent day trip to Rainbow Mountain from Cusco can be challenging but manageable, particularly if you can communicate in Spanish.

Faria, from Oops I Booked Again, outlines five straightforward steps for exploring Rainbow Mountain without a tour, offering valuable insights for those seeking an alternative route.

In summary, Faria’s recommended route involves taking a bus from Cusco to Checacupe (approximately £1.50/$2 one-way) and then securing a taxi from Checacupe to Rainbow Mountain (£22/$30). It’s important to hire the taxi for the entire day to ensure a return trip to Checacupe after your exploration.

Estimated Total Cost: Approximately £28/$40 (excluding food/drink)

Guided Tour to Rainbow Mountain

Opting for a guided tour provides convenience and a well-structured experience. During the tour, the hike to the viewpoint takes around 1-1.5 hours, with necessary breaks along the way. Once at the top, ample time is provided to explore and capture photographs before descending to the van for the return journey to Cusco. The tour typically includes a lunch stop on the way back.

Overall, the tour lasts approximately 14 hours, making it one of the longer day trips from Cusco available during your stay in Peru.

Estimated Total Cost: £35/$49 for the tour (including meals and entrance fee at Rainbow Mountain)


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